246 TESTAMENTOS DE MONTERREY  En resumen genealogico

by Lilia E. Villanueva de Cavazos


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Contains Last Will and Testaments of 246 prominent persons from Monterrey covering the period form 1802-1824. The first name is Jose de Abrego and the last name is Juan de Zuazua. Prominent surnames are Barrera, Canales, Cavazos, Chavez, Elizondo, Fernandez, Garcia, Garza, Gonzalez, Guerra, Lozano, Mendez, Pena, Rodriguez, Sada, Trevino and Vidaurri. Written in Spanish. The full will is not contained as this isĀ  a genealogical extract.Used but in fine condition, Has handy name and geography indexes.

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Paperback 287 pages
Publisher Self-Published; (Monterrey)
Edition 1st edition; (1999)
Condition Used


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