A LATINO MEMOIR  Exploring Identity, Family and the Common Good.

by Gerald Poyo


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The author is a good friend and occupies the O’Connor Chair for the Study of Hispanic Texas and the Southwest at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Poyo fled Cuba in 1979 aboard a World War II era prop airplane that changed his life forever. The book is in two parts, the first traces his parents and ancestors, as he links their stories to interpersonal movements in the world-Spanish colonialism, Cuban nationalism, United States expansionism-that influenced their lives. The second half explores how exile, migration and growing up a “hemispheric American, a borderless American” impacted his own development and stimulated questions about poverty, religion and relations between Latin America and the United States.

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Paperback 335 pages
Publisher ARte Publico Press; (Houston)
Published 2019
Condition New


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