by Bill Neeley


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Juan Nepomuceno Seguin is a little known patriot and hero of Texas Independence. Thanks to the many years of research by Mr. Neeley, we now have a comprehensive biography o a man who was destined to live under five flags, Spain, Mexico, the Texas Republic, the Confederacy and the United States. As a captain in the Army of Texas he fought against Mexican dictator Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. After the Battle if San Jacinto he was promoted to Lt. Colonel. Late comers resented his status as mayor of San Antonio. He was falsely accused of trying to help Mexico retake Texas and fled to Mexico. He was arrested and forced to fight under Santa Anna, in an effort to retake Texas in 1842 and later in the Mexican War. After the war he returned to Texas to restore his reputation and clear his name.

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Hardcover 336 pages
Publisher Bill Neeley LLC; (Lawton, OK)
Published 2014
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