Agapito Martinez and Emma Almazan of Laredo, Texas, Their History, Ancestry, and Descendants

by George Farias, et al


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Co-authored by Guadalupe A. Martínez. Winner of the 2011 Jim Parish Award for Documentation and Publication presented by the Webb County Heritage Foundation. Agapito Martínez and Emma Almazán lived in a period in the border city of Laredo, Texas when an old world of landed gentry and small town ambiance was giving way to a new commercial order propelled by the global conflict of World War II. In addition, Laredo was unique in Texas history in that outsiders of other nationalities were absorbed into the Hispanic culture instead of the opposite experiences of other Texas cities. Agapito and Emma had twelve children but two sons and a set of twins died young. Eight sisters survived who defined and exemplified for their children the bonding and loyalty that characterized the early pioneer families of Northern Mexico and Texas. With different personalities and skills, they succeeded in passing on the great values they learned from their ancestors. This book explores the family history, ancestry, and descendants through genealogical charts, numerous photos, and reminiscences by the two surviving sisters and cousins. This book is also a celebration of life and the many wonderful ways that a family continues its journey morally and spiritually down through the ages. Some of the families that married into the Martínez clan contributed family data also. These primary related families are Azios, Claflin, Diosdado, Espinoza, Farías, Pappas, Sommerville, Virján and Zepeda. Contains an article on Francisco Martínez, an early Texas explorer and pioneer of Pensacola, Florida, and profiles of Martínez members of Los Bexareños Genealogical Society in San Antonio, Texas. FIRST EDITION OF 100 NUMBERED COPIES HAS SOLD OUT. OVERPRINTING HAS MADE AVAILABLE #’S 101-110. San Antonio, 2011 Borderlands Press, Overprinted First Edition signed by the authors, 8&1/2 x 11 size, 428 Pgs., PB.

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