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Aberto del Canto was a very unique conquistatador of Mexico in the Spanish Colonial Period. He was the founder of the city of Saltillo, whose surname was actually do Canto, a Portuguese native of the Island of Terceira, in the Azores Islands. Their are many adjectives to describe him by various authors, brave, gallant, fearless among others, and he was a great leader beloved by his men. Endlessly involved in sandals he could live among the Spanish and the Indians alternatively as it suited his purposes. He married Estefania Montemayor, the daughter of Diego de Montemayor, the founder of Monterrey. Ironically he previously he had had an affair with her mother, Diego’s wife, who killed her for her infidelity. Eetefania and her children later left Alberto. There are numerous descendants of del Canto in the borderlands, but the children took the Montemayor name and the del Canto surname disappeared.


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