An Immigrant Named America

by Ventura Rocha


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This is the English version of item # 829,Sangre Nuestra, Tierra Ajena. It is a family history and memoir of the author, a native of San Antonio, Texas and an engineering graduate of Texas A&M College who pursued a successful career in this field but later did well also opening Mexican Restaurants in Madrid,Spain where he has lived for the last 50 years. The book begins in Spain during the Golden Age when his ancestors emigrated to New Spain. He narrates the triumphs and tragedies of his great grandparents, his grandparents, his parents , and his own life. Other surnames are Taboada, Crillo, Manríquez, Urizar, Garza, Fernández and Narváez. Madrid, Spain, Nd. Privately printed 1st Ed., 233, 5 &1/2 x 8&1/2, PB.

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Paperback 233 pages
Publisher Ventura Rocha; (Madrid, Spain)
Condition New


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