by George Farias


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This is a collection of short essays that are not lengthy enough to merit a separate publication. The author’s paternal ancestry lines, Farias and Fernandez are described along with his maternal Martinez and Almazan lines. There is a short summary of his wife’s Lozano/Gonzalez/ de Leon/Rendon/del Rio lineages.  In addition tributes to Hispanic genealogists Gloria Villa, Cadena, Col. Ernest A Montemayor, and Yolanda Gonzalez are presented along with an article of the author’s Montalban connection, and the “Farias Military legacy.” Biographical and historical articles cover “A Child of Convivencia” related to Sephardic, Christian and Muslim roots, “Peter Francisco” an American Revolution hero, ” Celestiali Apparitions in Spanish and Portuguese Historical Events, “Ben Cuellar Ximenes and the Search for Sequoyah’s Final Resting Place,” “Lorencillo, Laurens de Graaf, Pirate, Scourge of the Spanish Sea,”Historical Narrative of the Movement to Commemorate the Place Where General Ygnacio Zaragoza Was Born,” “Roman Hispania and the Source of the Hispanic Apellation,” and ” George Washington, Long Lost Cousin.” ” Philosophical essay subjects deal with God, The Catholic Church, Problems, and Nostalgia for the Good Old Days. Sports articles cover “William Carson”Nemo” Herrera, Legendary High School Coach, ” and “Johnny Football, Jonathan Paul Manziel, Aggie Superstar and Living Legend. ”  Finally the true story of the building of The River Walk “Palacio del Rio Hotel ,San Antonio, Texas” is revealed.





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