ARCHITECTURE THAT SPEAKS  S.C.P. Vosper and Ten Remarkable Buildings at Texas A&M

by Nancy T. McCoy, et al


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Texas A&m College opened its doors in 1876, and early building followed the Victorian style. Classical architecture came to the campus with the Academic Building, after the 1912 fire that destroyed Old Main.The growth of the campus in the Depression era saw the addition of  extraordinary buildings sited in  accordance with a master plan developed by college architect F.E Giesecke and designed by S.C.P. Vesper each of whom held faculty position in the college’s first school of architecture. Included are the Chemistry Building, The Cushing Library, Hart Hall and Walton Hall, The Petroleum Engineering, Geology, and Engineering Experiment Station Building, The Veterinary Hospital, The Administration Building, The Agricultural Engineering Building and the Animal Industries Building and Horse Barn. Illustrated with Index.  11 x 10 size. Great price.

Co-authored by David G. Woodcock. Photography by Carolyn Brown.

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Hardcover 230 pages
Publisher Texas A&M University Press; (College Station)
Published 2017
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