Balli Family History ( la Barreta and Padre Island Branches)

by Joel Rene Escobar y Saenz


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Another outstanding Hispanic genealogy and history work by our friend and prolific researcher from South Texas. Presents an accurate account(as records wiill allow) of one of the founding families of Reynosa(1749) and Matamoros(1784), a powerful, politically-connected family who acquired some of the largest Spanish and Mexican land grants in what would eventually become South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. Unfortunately the family heritage and birthright were taken away by family members who were unable to read or understand deeds, terms and leases they were signing with Anglo entrepreneurs and land speculators. The first part of the book encompasses the changing times in the history of this Texas period and the second part concentrates on the actual genealogies of the Balli family. Illustrated and with a family picture album.Contains a handy index. McAllen, TX, 2008 Privately Printed (Copy Zone Center) 1st Ed., 250 Pgs., 8 &1/2 x 11, HB.

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