BATTLE OF THE BRAZOS  A Texas Football Rivalry, A Riot, and a Murder

by T.G. Webb


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Baylor University and Texas A&M University always had a fierce football rivalry that one time spilled over into a tragedy as passions overflowed. During halftime of the October 30, 1926 football game a deadly riot erupted between the two student bodies that resulted in the death of Texas A&M senior cadet Charles Sessums.  Circumstances were vague as to the incident and was considered a “cold case” as rumors spread of a murder. The person responsible was never identified. The author has done an excellent job of researching this heartbreaking case and unravels the myths surrounding it. Illustrated. 6 x 9 Size.

Foreword by John A. Adams Jr.

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Hardcover 170 pages
Publisher Texas A&M University Press; (College Station)
Published 2018
Condition New


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