CARLOS MARCELL0  The Man Behind the JFK Assassination

by Stefano Vaccara

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There are many theories about the JFK assassination and there is little doubt that Marcello masterminded and coordinated the murder. But there were many persons who hated the Kennedy’s and many were involved and would benefit directly or indirectly in eliminating the president. Many in powerful persons knew what was coming but turned the other way. Both brothers has sworn to pursue Marcello since 1959. In 1963 Marcello was about to face arrest and deportation by the Department of Justice. Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, and Davide Ferrie were all connected to Marcello. Marcello boasted more than once about orchestrating JFK’s murder and  Florida Mafia boss Santo Trafficante confirmed that Marcello was the main organizer.  Oswald protested his innocence while in custody, saying ” I’m just a patsy.” Book size is 6×9. New updated edition

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Paperback 200 pages
Publisher Enigma Books; (New York)
Published 2015
Condition New


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