CITIES OF GOLD  L:egendary Kingdoms, Quixotic Quests, and the Search for Fantastic New World Wealth

by Bill Yenne


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When Spanish explorers first made contact with the Aztec and Inca civilizations they found cultures that were literally dripping in gold. This set off dreamers who sought gold and the fabled El Dorado, persons such as Francisco de Coronado, Gonzalo Pizarro and Lope Aguirre. The author takes us on a journey from the rain forests and jungles of Peru, Paraguay, Brazil and Guiana to the deserts and peaks of Mexico and the United Sates to tell the brutal story of how the search for mysterious New World riches fueled the exploration of the unknown hemisphere for hundreds of years. Sir Walter Raleigh was also obsessed with gold fever. Illustrated with Index. 6 x 9 size.

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Hardcover 319 pages
Publisher Westholme Publishing LLC; (Yardley, Pa)
Published 2011
Condition New


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