COLONIAL NEW MEXICO FAMILIES  Community, Church, and State, 1692-1800

by Suzanne M. Stamatov


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This a narrative of family history in New Mexico and is not a genealogical work although many  surnames are mentioned. In this remote world the author skilfully relies on ecclesiastical and civil records to discover how families formed and endured during the period of contention in the eighteenth century. Family was both the source of comfort, support and of competition, conflict and even harm.Cases are reviewed of seduction, broken promises, domestic violence, and inheritance. She further places the families in the larger contexts of church, secular governance and community. 6 x 9 Size. Contains various charts in the appendix and has an index.

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Hardcover 242 pages
Publisher University of New Mexico Press; (Albuquerque)
Published 2018
Condition New


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