CONQUERORS  How Portugal Forged the First Global Empire

by Roger Crowley

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Portugal, a small poor country, enjoyed¬† a century of maritime supremacy thanks to the daring and navigational skills of its explorers, guided by Prince Henry the Navigator. Portugal’s discovery of a sea route to India and a campaign of imperial conquest over Muslim rulers, dominated the spice trade, disrupted the traditional land routes of these spices, and built the first global economy. Some of the key personalities were King Manuel,” The Fortunate,”Joao II, ” The Perfect Price,” Alfonso de Albuquerque, Bartholomew Diaz and Vasco de Gama. They established a Christian empire in the Indian Ocean, pushed deep into Africa, and ruthlessly besieged Indian port cities in their attempt to monopolize trade. The Jesuit missionary Antonio Viera said,¬† ” Gods gave the Portuguese a small country for a cradle, but the whole world for a grave.” Illustrated with Index. 6 x 9 size. Has small remainder mark on bottom pages and slight tear on upper dust cover spine.

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Hardcover 368 pages
Publisher Random House; (New York)
Published 2015
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