CONTESTING THE BORDERLANDS  Interviews of the Early Southwest

by Deborah Lawrence


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Conflict and cooperation have shaped the American Southwest since prehistoric times. For centuries, indigenous group and later, Spaniards, French, and Anglo-Americans Fought and collaborated with one another in the border area from Texas through Southern California. This book is a collection of interviews of ten experts in archaeology, anthropology, ethnohistory, and history to discuss various subjects  ranging from warfare, intermarriage, and peonage among Spanish settlers and the Indians they encountered.  Person interviewed were Stephen LeBlanc, Polly Schaafsma, Richard Flint and Shirley Cushing Flint, John L. Kessell, Michael Wilcox, Juliana Barr, Mark Santiago. David J. Weber and Brian DeLay. The book is dedicated to the late David J. Weber. Maps and illustrations. 6 x 9 Size.

Co-authored by Jon Lawrence.

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Paperback 262 pages
Publisher The University of Oklahoma Press; (Albuquerque)
Published 2016
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