Durango, Cuatro Siglos de la Ciudad

by Sr. D. Angel Martínez Mena


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Published by The Comite de Festejos del IV Centenario de la Fundación de la Ciudad de Durango, Jesús Gutiérrez Valdes, Chairman. This is a commemorative edition celebrating four centuries of the founding (1563-1963)of the City of Durango, Durango,located in the Valley of Guadiana. Over 150 articles and presentations covering history, economic and social life, and much more. A great keepsake for those interested in and having roots in this city. Cover slightly worn, and slight fraying at spine top and bottom, profusely illustrated and printed in different color inks. Mexico City, 1963 Tallereas de Xavier Gomez, 1st Ed., 7 & 3/4 x 11 &1/2, 319 Pgs., HB.

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