East of the Storm  Outrunning the Holocaust in Russia

by Hanna Davidson Pankowsky


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Occasionally we stray from out area of interest into other topics that merit attention. We have created a new category of books titled “General Interest” to feature these books. In this case we support Ms. Pankowsky, a local author with roots in Poland and later residencies in Mexico and the United States. She was referred to us by our good friend from Corpus Christi, Texas, Edna Garza Brown. Ten-year-old Hanna, with her mother, fled on a long and dangerous journey to the Soviet-occupied zone of Poland to join her father and brother, after the Nazi Invasion on September 27, 1939. Hanna’s story should be read by everyone because it more than a memoir of survival. She is relentless in making her account available to the public, especially children, because it is a marvelous and inspiring story of a family whose spirit could not be broken or destroyed by persecution, war, famine, or political oppression. Lubbock, TX, 1999 1st Ed, 218 Pgs., Signed by the author, HB.

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Publisher Texas Tech University Press; (Lubbock, TX)
Published 1999
Condition New


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