Echoes of the Conquistadores, History of a Pioneer Family in the Southwest



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LIMITED COPIES AVAILABLE. This is the story of the Aguirre family who have greatly influenced the cattle industry of Southern Arizona. The first Aguirre to be mentioned historically was Don Juan de Aguirre, a Basque from Guipuzcoa, and chief ensign to the King of Navarra, Don Sancho, the Wiseman who reigned in 1200. The author’s ancestor, Don Joseph de Aguirre, born in 1687 in the “Villa de Aranaz,” Kingdom of Navarra, came to the New World to settle in San Jose del Parral in Nueva Vizcaya. The family became very prominent in ranching in Chihuahua, Mexico and later in Arizona. The author has also written books on cattle ranching in the Southwest, especially about the Vaquero Way, and relates in this book his experiences as the representative of the United States during the dreaded “Hoof and Mouth” disease period. This is a classic and unique historical and genealogical work that we highly recommend. Mr. Yjinio Aguirre is 99 years old and still going strong. He is a sensitive and literate gentleman and a great and real cowboy in the old tradition who would put the Hollywood bunch to shame. Illustrations. Phoenix, AZ, 2008 Privately printed 4th Ed., 142 Pgs. 5&1/2 x 8&1/2, PB.

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