by Diana J. Noble


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The author, Diana J. Noble is the daughter of Arturo Jacobs, a long time friend and former neighbor in Laredo, Texas. We were pleased to learn of Diana’s literary venture and the publication of her book by Arte Publico Press. Quite an honor. In the summer of 1911 in northern Mexico, thirteen-year old Evangelina and her family have learned that rumors of soldiers in the region are true. Her father decides they must leave their home to avoid the violence of the revolution. The family moves to a small town in Texas,. Forward Reviews said it is a vibrant and appealing historical novel. All the drama, joy and heartbreak are expertly woven into the story of the family as they adjust to their new world.

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Paperback 195 pages
Publisher Arte Publico Press; (Houston)
Published 2017
Condition New


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