Faces of the Borderlands, 2000

by Jose A. Cisneros


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Félix D.Almaráz, Jr., Ph.D Co-Author. This is the Premier Collector’s Edition , signed by the author. Printed on acid free paper, vellum end papers, and specially designed divider pages, and comes in a wooden hinged box with an aluminum plate with the letter “C.” The price of $ 300.00 is the same as originally advertised in 1999. This book is now out of print. Contains 60 of the most famous characters of the borderlands up to the present. Dr. Almaráz privides historical context crowning his long association with Cisneros with this excellent collaboration. El Paso, TX, 1999 Sundance Press, Inc. 1st Ed.,(Stated) 164 Pgs, 10 x 14 size, HB.

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