Fray Servando  The Memoirs of Fray Servando Teresa de Mier

by Fray Servando


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Translated from the Spanish by Helen Lane, Edtd w/intro by Susana Rotker. A portrait of a man in exile and a country struggling for independence. On December 12, 1794 Fray Servando Teresa de Mier preached a sermon in Mexico City that led to his arrest by the Inquisition. Exiled to Spain, he escaped and spent 10 years traveling through Europe posing as a French priest. Provides a glimpse of the European “ Age of Enlightenment.” After 10 years Fray Servando returned to an independent Mexico where he served his country before his death. New York, 1998, 1st English Ed., 242 Pgs. PB.

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Paperback 242 pages
Publisher Oxford University Press, Inc.; (New York, NY)
Published 1998
Condition New


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