GASPAR CASTANO DE SOSA  Conquistador, Explorador, Fundador

by Samuel Temkin


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In 1590 de Sosa led an expedition to New Mexico from Almadén, now Monclova, in Mexico., the first attempt to pacify and colonize this area. De Sosa and the Almaden inhabitants, some of Jews descent,  were fleeing the persecutions of the viceroy Luis de Velasco. The viceroy ordered de Sosa taken prisoner to Mexico City to punish him for alleged crimes. He was sentenced to six years to the Philippines where he died, with the governor of the Islands in a tragic event in the history of the Islands. Spanish Text. Illustrated and with documental appendices.


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Paperback 280 pages
Publisher Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila; (Saltillo)
Published 2019
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