GASPAR CASTANO DE SOSA  Conquistador, Explorador, Fundador

by Samuel Temkin


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Gaspar Castano de Sosa was an early settler in Northern Mexico born in Portugal in 1550.  He was Lt. Governor under Luis de Carvajal de la Cueva in the Nuevo Reino de Leon. He was engaged, like many of his colleagues, in the Indian slave trade. Fearing arrest,he fled unauthorized to New Mexico in an expedition he arranged. The viceroy sent Capitan Juan Morlete to bring him back and he was convicted and sent to the Philipinnes. He was killed in the Moluccas by Chinese slaves who rebelled.

A great book in Spanish Text by Dr. Temkin, our esteemed friend and scholar.

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Paperback 280 pages
Publisher Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila; (Saltillo, Coahuila,Mexico)
Published 2015
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