GUANAJUATO  Tracing My Ancestors in León,Marfil, and Silao, 1733-1945

by Mauricio J. González


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Another superb genealogical work by the prolific author of other similar works. Incredible content. Beside a narrative of history and genealogy, the book contains 89 tables,  25 photographs and maps. The author first did the virtual and intimate research, almost like being an archaeologist. Then Mr. González made  first trips to the Mexican state of Guanajuato. He visited churches, cemeteries and relatives. He noted , “The places were now more than words on old documents. They Transcended the ink on paper and became more vivid than I could have ever imagined.'” A great bargain for the price.

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Paperback 246 pages
Publisher Self-Published; (MIddleton, DE)
Published 2022
Condition New


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