GUARDIANS OF IDOLATRY  Gods, Demons, and Priests in Hernando Ruiz de Alarcon's Treatise on the Heathen Superstitions

by Viviana DIaz Balsera


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In 1629 a catholic priest, Hernando Ruiz de Alarcon wrote the¬† Treatise on the Heathen Superstitions and Customs That Today Live Among the Indians Native to New Spain. It’s purpose was to aid the Catholic Church to abolish native Nahua Religious practices. It is recognized today¬† as one of the most significant firsthand records of Indigenous religious practices in preconquest Mexico. The book reveals four incantations-for safe travel, maguey sap harvesting, bow-and-arrow deer hunting, and divination through maize kernels. The author also addresses Jacinto de la Serna’s Manual for Ministers of these Indians (1656) an elaborate commentary on the Treatise. 6 x 9 size.

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Hardcover 209 pages
Publisher Univerasity of Oklahoma Press; (Norman)
Published 2018
Condition New


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