HENRY GUERRA’S SAN ANTONIO  A Unique History and Pictorial Guide

by Henry Guerra


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The author was the first Hispanic newscaster on z majoer English Language radio station and on television when it came to San Antonio. He had a very commanding voice and his sign-off trademark was ” Good Night y muy buenas noches.” He studied San Antonio history extensively along with his wife, author and publisher, Mary Ann Noonan  Guerra. Guerra was known as the voice of San Antonio being featured in announcements during Hemisfair in 1968.  8 &1/2 x 11 size. The top dust cover has a slight bend in the upper half of the cover. Signed by the author to original owner. Illustrated mostly with B&W photos but some in color.

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Hardcover 119 pages
Publisher The Alamo Press; (San Antonio)
Published 1998
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