HERENCIA MESTENA  Un reencuentro con la historia del rancho San Rafael de las Tortillas, Guerrero, Tamaulipas

by Mario Manuel Escoto Santoyo


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This is a very good comprehensive book about this famous ranch  located close to Guerrero, Tamaulipas. It is becoming rare and hard to find. It contains a history and a wealth of information of the families from that town. You will find a good cross section of the prominent families of Northern Mexico such as Martinez, Benavides, Rendon, Pena, Sanchez, Herrera, Villarreal, Garcia, Gomez, Padilla, Lopez. Gutierrez etc.

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Paperback 302 pages
Publisher Comite Organizador de Apoyo; (Monterrey)
Edition 1st edition; (1998)
Condition New


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