by Corinne Joy Brown


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Novel. A modern day member of New Mexico’s northern Hispanic settlements finds a new truth about herself and her family in the unexpected tumult of her life. This well-written and intricately woven book, winner of many awards, was inspired by the emergence of Spanish Catholics and Protestants in Mexico, Texas, and the American Southwest who believe they have Jewish roots.  Today, many have thoughts of return or have already begun the process. Thousands of descendants of Sephardic Jews fled Spain and Portugal from the ruthless Spanish Inquisition and converted to Catholicism although many became Crypto-Jews, practicing their Catholic faith by day and their Jewish rites by night. These were the main targets of the Inquisition. The author is a multi-published author, professional writer and editor who lives in Colorado.

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Paperback 261 pages
Publisher FriesenPress; (Victoria, BC, Canada)
Published 2016
Condition New


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