by John O'Donnell-Rosales. M.A.


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Contains a very good historical preface about the Confederacy and the little-known pivotal role of many Hispanics in the Civil War. In addition there is a new introduction to the 3rd edition. A section interprets the listings, along with a listing of abbreviations used in the book.The first alphabetical listing contains the names of Naval and Marine Corp personnel with their service designation in the Confederate Navy or a Confederate State ship. The majority of the listings consist of Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, and other designation. Shows rank and military unit. Of value is a comprehensive bibliography of primary and secondary sources.

The author is a Cuban exile whose family history is heavily intertwined with Lousiana, Florida and the Gulf Coast dating back to the Spanish Colonial period.

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Paperback 154 pages
Publisher Clerafield Company, Inc; (Baltimore)
Published 2006
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