HISTORIA DE TEOCALTICHE  Altos de Jalisco de 1810 a 1910

by NIcolás de Anda Sánchez


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The latest work by the prolific author of the history, people, and culture  of Teocaltiche, Jalisco , Mexico, for this period. The history revolves around books, conversations with the inhabitants, family life, and documents. This is a passage in time reading about customs, ideological passions, and social conflicts including the muleteers who opened the frontiers of all Jalisco and Mexico. We read about the heirs of the traditions, forgotten heroes who defended the territory and many memories. Illustrated with photos and a list of owners of ranches among other great information. In Spanish Text.

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Paperback 430 pages
Publisher Secretaria de Cultura-Gobierno de Jalisco; (Guadalajara)
Edition 1st edition; (2014)
Condition New


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