I’M FROM EAGLE PASS, (Soy de Igle Pass), Second Edition, Volumes 1& 2  A Compendium of Essays and Reflections in a Small Town on the Texas Border During the Mid 20th Century

by J. R. Rubio


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The author was born in San Antonio but grew up in Eagle Pass, Texas experiencing the very unique culture of the Texas-Mexico Borderlands. He takes us on an entertaining , informative, and at times whimsical tour of Eagle Pass. The border cities of this area stand out in Texas for their carefree cheerful and friendly lifestyle traceable to the values of pioneering families who first settled this wilderness. Chapter I is “Te acuerdas de Christmas, Chapter II is “Las Viejitas,” Chapter III is “School Life,” Chapter IV is “What’s in a Name,” Chapter V is “Love on the Border,” Chapter VI is ” Aqui te Traigo un Platito,” Chapter VII is ” Los Cines. “ Chapter VIII is “Vamos a Piedras,” Chapter IX is ” Paradise Lost,” Chapter X is CorkyChapter XI is “La Sociedad y las Clases,”  and Chapter XII is, “Aren’t You from Eagles Pass? ” A delightful book of regional history. Illustrated, 5×8 size.

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Paperback 148 pages
Publisher Palo Blanco Press; (San Antonio)
Edition 2nd edition; (2011)
Condition New


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