IMPRUDENT KING  A New Life of Philip II

by Geoffrey Parker

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Philip II is not only one of the most famous king of Spanish history, but also the most infamous king in English history. He was the man who launched the Spanish Armada and also attempted the assassination of Elizabeth Tudor. It begins with his conception in 1526 and his ascent to Heaven in 1603, two occurrences surprisingly well documented by contemporaries. Parker is one of the most skillful and competent biographers of Philip and he has written this book as a result of a recent extraordinary archival discovery: a trove of 3,000 documents in the vaults of the Hispanic Society of America in New York City, unread since crossing Philip’s own desk. Illustrated with Index. 6 x 9 size.

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Hardcover 438 pages
Publisher Yale University Press; (New Haven)
Published 2014
Condition New


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