Inherit the Dust from the Four Winds of Revilla

by Jose M. Pena


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A historical prespective with genealogies of the vibrant Spanish colonial town originally known as ” Villa del SeƱor de San Ignacio de Loyola de Revilla, ” later shortened to “Revilla.” In Modern times it
was known as “Guerrero Viejo” when in 1953 sadly, and perhaps unnecessarily, it was inundated by the waters of Falcon Dam along with many land grants. The author tells the story of Guerrero Viejo within the context of the broader histories of Mexico and the United States that impacted this once thriving colonial commercial hub. The author shows that the land grant owners and heirs on the Mexican side were victims of the blood-soaked history of Mexico and on the US side they were subjected to mischief and flagrant violations of the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Contains over 50 pages of genealogical charts. illustrated. Philadelphia, 2006 XLibris Corporation 1st Ed., 387 Pgs., 6 x 9 PB.

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