by Warren H, Carroll


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The author states, Queen Isabel of Spain was probably the greatest woman ruler in history.”  He says not only as a ruler but as a devoted wife and mother. Coming out of nowhere in history she changed Spain forever, reforming the Catholic Church, cleaning up the country side of widespread criminals, assisted her husband over ten years to take Granada from the Moors, pacified the nobles, and supported Christopher Columbus in his historical quest.  Her power and skill was such that she must have been divinely guided because her judgement and ability stagger the imagination. She is great role model for women. Under her Spain became the greatest power in the world. Her only negative mark was her  expansion of the Inquisition, but Spain was the lone bastion of Catholicism  as the Protestant Reformation  was sweeping Europe.  She felt obliged to cleanse Spain and her territories of the enemies of the Church. She suffered much in her later years as tragedies befell her children. She holds a remarkable and memorable place in history.

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Paperback 385 pages
Publisher Christendom Press; (Front Royal)
Published 1991
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