ISABELLA  The Warrior Queen

by Kristin Downey


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Queen Isabella was born Isabel and historians continue to use an improper first name. Nonetheless, this book is a powerful narrative about all the mind-boggling accomplishments of this very outstanding woman. Her husband Fernando was a crafty politician and capable soldier, but she was the more brilliant of the pair. She came out of nowhere and set the world on fire. She broke the power of the nobles and reinstated the power of the throne, she reformed the Catholic Church in Spain, she cleaned up pervasive crime in the country, aided her husband, as quartermaster, in the ten-year fight to conquer Granada form the Moors, and sponsored Christopher Columbus in his epic voyages. Illustrated with Index. 6 x 9 Size

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Hardcover 520 pages
Publisher Doubleday; (New York)
Published 2014
Condition New


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