by Tomas Jaehn


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Without a doubt many of the early conquistadors and settlers of New Mexico were  men and women who had converted from their Sephardic Jewish religion to Catholicism, voluntarily or by force. This book does not cover that subject but describes the migration to America in the 19th century due to unrest in other parts of the world, andwere mostly Ashkenazic Jews. The first waves came forn Germany in the 1840s and 1850s and the second wave came form Eastern Europe with the coming of the Railroad in the 1880s. These book features those who braved the wild frontier to settle in New Mexico.They were merchants, tradesmen, and in some cases laborers and the unemployed. Though not our prime interest of Sephardic history and genealogy, the amazing story of the Jews merits broad coverage and understanding. Foreword by Thomas E. Chavez and Afterword by Henry J. Tobias. Size, 9 x 12. Illustrated.


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Hardcover 100 pages
Publisher Museum of New Mexico Press; (Santa Fe, NM)
Published 2003
Condition New


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