La Cristiada, the Mexican People’s War for Religious Liberty

by Jean Meyer, PhD


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This is an illustrated history of Mexico’s Cristero War. This little known history was brought to light in the recent movie with Andy Garcia, “For a Greater Glory.” In the eyes of the Mexican government, religion, particularly the Catholic Church, could not be trusted because of its great influence in people’s lives. This book is about those who resisted the regime of President Plutarco Elias Calles fighting for “Cristo Rey.” They were peasants, farmers, students, and families. The Archbishop of Mexico, Jos� Mora y del R�o did not endorse rebellion but his contrary responses led to exile in San Antonio, Texas where he died. Some of the clergy were executed and many of them have been canonized as saints of the Catholic Church. Garden City Park, NY, 2013 Square One Publishers 1st Ed., 9 x 12, 210 Pgs., PB.

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