La Familia Secreta de Pancho Villa: Una Historia Oral

by Rubén Osorio


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Translated by John Klingemann. A “must have” for Villa fans. Also titled. “The Secret Family of Pancho Villa: An Oral History.” Contains both an English and Spanish version. With the exception of an interview he gave a journalist in 1922 when Villa said his name was neither Villa nor Arango, he rarely spoke of his origins. He said he was the son of a Spanish Hacendado. This is an excellent study sponsored by the Center for Big Bend Studies and is Occasional Papers #6. It investigates the social origins in Durango, Mexico of José Doroteo Arango better known as Francisco “Pancho” Villa.The research delves into the social, familial, and personal relationships of persons in these times. Excellent archival sources and oral interviews with genealogy charts and illustrated with b&w photos. Alpine, Tx 2000, Sul Ross State University 1st Ed., 6 x 8&3/4, 216 Pgs., PB.

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