LA GUERRA MEXICO-ESTADOS UNIDOS  Su Impacto de Nuevo Leon, 1835-1848

by Leticia Martinez Cardenas


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This study of the U.S- Mexico War is seen from the Mexican side and is co-authored by Cesar Morado Macias and J. Jesus Avila Avila. The U.S.- Mexico War was instigated by the United States and had a disastrous effect on Mexico and its territories as the nation did not have the resources and military might to survive this intervention. While Mexico proper was not occupied many of its  possessions in the Western United States were lost to the imperialistic actions of the United Sates commonly known as Manifest Destiny.  Spanish text in 5 x 8 size.

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Paperback 164 pages
Publisher Senadode la Republica LVIII, Legislatura; (Monterrey)
Published 2003
Condition New


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