Laredo 250 Years Ago, Edicion de Aniversario, Mayo 2005

by Giullermo Garmendia Leal


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A commemorative work celebrating the 250th anniversary of Laredo Texas,the latest work by the prolific author of genealogy books about the settlers of Northern Mexico and Texas. The book is done in two parts. Part II contains much of the information on his original work on Laredo families titled Origen de Los Pobladores de Laredo published in 1992,although there is an improved format. The first part of this new book contains chapters on the family of Tomás Sánchez, Laredo’s founder, Why He Left Cienega de Flores, Sánchez in Lampazos, El Paso de Jacinto, the Founding of Laredo, and the Censuses of 1757 and 1767. Includes 17 pages of color photos including some of documents and coats of arms. Hidalgo, TX 2005 1st Ed, 166 Pgs, 8 &1/2 x 11 PB.

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