Lencho, His Story

by E.B. Ford


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Lencho (Lorenzo Anzaldua) is a thinly-veiled biography of the author’s father. A fictional college student in San Antonio, Heather Rodríguez, is give an assignment to interview an elderly person in a nursing home. She finds Lencho and thereby begins the true story of a Mexican immigrant who tries to make his way in life between 1920-2000. The backdrop of his story is this period in South Texas history and we learn of the difficulties he had to overcome in the past and in the present which are rooted in past decisions. Lencho ultimately turns out to be a kind of ” flawed” hero and the book ends with an unsolved mystery surrounding the man. San Antonio, TX 2010 Privately printed 1st Ed., 6 x 9, 130 Pgs., PB.

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