LIVING IN SILVERADO  Secret Jews in the Silver Mining Towns of Colonial Mexico

by David M. Gitlitz


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The author traces the lives and fortunes of three clusters of sixteenth-century crypto-Jews in Mexico’s silver mining towns. Their struggles are portrayed to retain their identity in a world dominated economically by silver and religiously by The Catholic Church. IT is a wonderfully detailed sense of the daily experiences of secret Jews. Contains 16 chapters. Some of the prominent surnames to be found are Almeida, Alvarez,  Avila,  Bustamante, Caceres,  Carvajal,  Castellanos, Castro, Fernandez, Fonseca, Garcia, Gomez, Gonzalez, Hernandez,  Juarez, Lopez, Lucena, Machado, Martinez, Mendez, Morales, Nunez, Perez, Ramirez, Rodriguez, Ruiz, Solis, Tavares, Vaez, Vega, Villarreal, and Zarza.

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Hardcover 420 pages
Publisher University of New Mexico Press; (Albuquerque)
Published 2019
Condition New


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