LOS GARZA  y La Memoria que poseemos

by Yuritzi Isabel Parra Saldivar


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A great addition to our inventory at a time when very few works are being researched and published in Hispanic genealogy. This book contains generation listings of the early branches of the Garza family in Northern Mexico, once known as New Spain. The history of the Garza family and the many places and memories of this prolific clan are profiled including many color photographs, and some prominent family members. Contains  history on the Sephardic Jewish background of the Garzas. It is common knowledge among genealogists that many persons in Northern Mexico and the borderlands in the United States have a Garza in their background. This is a timely and rewarding book. The author is a genealogist from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and has traveled abroad as part of her studies. We are offering this book at a discounted rate. It sells for $ 250 pesos in Mexico ( $ 132.50) in U.S. dollars. This is a courtesy to our valued customers. Size 5 & 1/2 x 8 & 1/4. SPANISH TEXT.


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Paperback 131 pages
Publisher Swelf-published; (MONterrey)
Published 2019
Condition New


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