LUIS DE CARVAJAL DE LA CUEVA  Los Principios del Nuevo Reino de León

by Samuel Temkin


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Luis de Carvajal de la Cueva was an outstanding but tragic figure in the history of New Spain in the New World. Having served the Spanish crown honorably, he was able to gain a large grant that superseded those of Diego de Montemayor, founder of Monterrey and Alberto del Canto, founder of Saltillo. The grant extended far into today’s Texas. Along the way he gained enemies that brought his downfall, first aided by his family’s Crypto-Jewish roots. He was accused of lapsing back to his Jewish roots, but that was never proven, and he died a broken man in jail.  Most of His family was tried by the Inquisition and burned at the stake. This a sweeping saga that Hollywood could never invent. A great work in Spanish by our scholarly friend Dr. Temkin. We are pleased to offer his books again. Spanish Text.  Illustrated with appendices.


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Publisher Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon; (Monterrey, Mexico)
Published 2017


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