LUIS DE CARVAJAL DE LA CUEVA  Los Principios Del Nuevo Reino de Leon

by Samuel Temkin


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Luis de Carvajal de la Cueva is a great figure in early Northern Mexico, Known as New Spain. He was Portuguese and was awarded a large grant known as the Nuevo Reino de Leon. It stretched from the Monterrery/Saltillo area up to the current State of Texas close to Dallas. Previous landowners/granteesĀ  contested the grant in court but lost. Carvajal was engaged in the slave trade and was arrested in 1588, but also charged by the Inquisition for concealing the Crypto-Jews in his family, those Catholics who practiced their Jewish rites in secret. He was not found to be a Crypto-Jew but he died in prison. His family was later executed by the Inquisition. A grand but sorrowful tale. Our sincere thanks to Dr. Temkin, our good friend, forĀ  this scholarly, but popular work. SPANISH TEXT.

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Paperback 403 pages
Publisher Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon; (Monterrey, N.L., Mexico)
Published 2017
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