by George Farias


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Webster’s Dictionary says empathy is “understanding so intimate that feelings, thoughts, and, motives of one are readily comprehended by another.” In other words it is a process that appreciates and understands the goals, feelings, and desires of another person,and focuses on a business or personal balanced relationship without conditions on the safety and welfare of both parties. This is not a booklet contrasting scholarly management styles and practices. Rather, it is a popular work about an eclectic  management style developed by the author from academic studies and experiences in for-profit and non-profit organizations. In particular, it explains the experiences of the author as executive director of the Bexar County Mental Health Mental Retardation Center. A high level of efficiency was achieved by conducting an open administration focused, first, on the welfare of the clientele being served, and secondly on the personnel charged with carrying out very critical, humane, and vital services. The programs supervised were in mental health, mental retardation, and drug and alcohol abuse treatment. The author considered the environment as a huge behavioral laboratory experimenting with different methods of community care clinical services, but also a place to trial various management techniques. The center won many awards, and was considered one of the top community mental health centers in the State of Texas and nationally. The author hopes these tips and guidelines will help young, upwardly mobile, managers and executives become a success in their administrations.

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Spiralbound 33 pages
Publisher Borderlands Press; (San Antonio)
Published 2017
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