McCARTHYISM: Memories of a Blacklisted Bert Corona

by Carlos Larralde, et al


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Our good friends, Dr. Carlos Larralde and Dr.  Michael J. Lynch III have collaborated again on an outstanding biographical book.  (See our # 6820, “Judge J.T. Canales, Latino Civil Rights Leader”). Bert Corona was a California Latino, a labor union leader, lesser known that Cesar Chavez but,  a giant nonetheless in the struggle for civil rights.. He earned international respect for his tolerance and liberal politics. As a great thinker he radiated hope to desperate, impoverished immigrants and workers, He was a Marxist believing in a socialism that transcended into Communism. To be a Marxist in North America was to be seen as a Communist. Corona was blacklisted which meant constant harassment, censorship, and discrimination. This is an inspiring story of an indomitable character who fought his whole life for social justice. Edited by Heidi L. Fuss.

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Paperback 137 pages
Publisher Sentia Publishing; (Austin)
Published 2016
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