MISSIONARY BISHOP  Jean-Marie Odin in Galveston and New Orleans

by Patrick Foley


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In 1832 a young French priest arrived in America. He served first in Missouri and Arkansas, then moved to Texas  becoming the first bishop of Galveston in 1847. In 1861 Odin became Archbishop of New Orleans. The 20 years he spent in Texas were important, for he sponsored missionaries who traveled the vast state of Texas  to serve settlers with their spiritual needs  preaching the Gospel in French, Spanish, English and German. He served in New Orleans during the Civil War and the Reconstruction era in competent service to New Orleans, America, and the Catholic Church. He returned to France in 1870 where he died in the same home he had been raised. Size 6 x 9.

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Hardcover 206 pages
Publisher Texas A&m University Press; (College Station)
Published 2013
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