“…NOT BAD FOR A SOUTH TEXAS BOY”  A Story of Perseverance

by Federico Peña


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Federico Peña is a descendant of prominent pioneer settlers of Northern Mexico and South Texas. Born in 1947 in Laredo, Texas he grew up in Brownsville when his father moved his family there for a new career as a cotton broker. Federico graduated from the University of Texas Law School, and on his way to San Francisco for a job opportunity stopped in Denver, Colorado to visit a brother and never left. After a start as a practicing attorney, he was elected to the  Colorado House of Representatives. He became Mayor of Denver in 1983 and was instrumental in revitalizing the inner city and shepherding the development of a new International airport. President Bill Clinton came calling to appoint him Secretary of Transportation and he later accepted another cabinet post as Secretary of Energy. He was able to help both cabinet positions reach new levels of success, not only for domestic objectives, but working diligently with his counterparts in foreign countries to find solutions on  international issues related to his responsibilities. His journey is truly an amazing tale of perseverance, vision, and sacrifice. He is a great role model and inspiration for young people, but especially for Hispanic youth. This is a must-read book we highly recommend.

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Paperback 301 pages
Publisher Self-published; (Denver)
Published 2021
Condition New


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