OROZCO  The Life and Death of a Mexican Revolutionary

by Raymond Caballero


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On August 31. 1915, A Texas posse lynched five ” horse thieves.” It turned out that one of them was General Pascual Orozco Jr., a military hero of the Mexican Revolution. This a long overdue biography of a significant but little-known and less understood figure of Mexican history. The book tells of Orozco’s meteoric rise and ignominious descent, including the obscured circumstances of his death at the hand of a lone , murderous lawman. Orozco was a muleteer from Northern Chihuahua who became the revolution’s most important military leader, a national hero and idol who turned on his former revolutionary ally, Francisco Madero.¬† Orozco’s help was instrumental in the demise of dictator Porfirio Diaz. Soon Orozco joined Madero’ s hated assassin, Victoriano Huerta. This is a fascinating¬† and unique account of a person who saw himself as a progressive reformer. The author is to be congratulated on expanding our knowledge of the very complicated events of the Mexican Revolution and its outstanding leaders.

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Hardcover 342 pages
Publisher University of Oklahoma Press; (Norman)
Published 2018
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