OUT FORM HIDING  Evidences of Sephardic Roots among Latinos

by Dell F. Sanchez, Ph.D


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This book includes six crucial topics that prove the existence of Sephardic Jewish roots among Latinos. They are:

  1. Historical and Genealogical Sources.
  2. DNA evidence corroborating these Jewish roots.
  3. Onomastics dealing with the Sephardic origin of Names.
  4. Material evidence found within the Sephardic Jewish Community.
  5. Oral historiesĀ  disclosing family secrets.
  6. The author;s professional observations and prognostications of the future of Sephardic Latinos.

The majority of New World Hispanics are not aware of their Jewish background and this will will enlighten and entrall them with the abundant material presented.

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Paperback 151 pages
Publisher IUniverse; (Bloomington, IN)
Published 2010
Condition New


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